Software Made to Work 

Helping COMPANIES to get the best from software


What We Do?

The Product Works advises businesses on how to make technology work for them - not the other way round. Software products and teams are core to all businesses. But too often businesses and business owners feel slaves to their own technology products and resources. We help companies overcome this in the following ways.

Interim Leadership

We provide interim or acting team leadership (CxO, VP, Advisor) roles for companies looking to transition their technology teams and platforms.


Tech Audits

We look at the current technologies and match them to the company's strategic needs. Is it fit for purpose? Will it scale? What are the risk areas? And all captured in a comprehensive assessment report. 


We advise on product strategy. We can lead team sessions to develop and build technology roadmaps that support - not lead - company strategy.

Team Building

We build agile technology teams. First: identify skills needs. Then: develop the job descriptions. And: lead the hiring efforts through our clear step-by-step process. 

Want to know more?

How We Work?

We have a simple 3-step process for engaging with our clients.


Step 1: The Cup of Coffee

Every engagement starts with a cup of coffee. We sit down with potential clients every week to explore their technology needs. The coffee conversation is essential: we listen to the issues facing the potential client and, in plain language, discuss the technology options. By the end of the conversation, both parties have a clear outline of what is needed.  And all for the price of a coffee!

Step 2: The Project plan

The next step we take is to produce a program of work for addressing the needs of the potential client. That can include proposals on developing an idea, building teams, taking up interim tech leadership roles, etc. By the end of this stage, the customer has a clear proposal from us on how the engagement will work and is now in a position to decide on moving forward to Step 3.

Step 3: Project Execution

Once the client is happy to proceed, we begin project execution. Depending on the nature of the engagement, we may spend time in the client's offices. We belief the best technology is delivered when all stakeholders cooperate in close partnership with constant communication.

Sound like you?

Have a technology idea but not sure how to build it?

Unsure of the quality of your current technology?

Plainly frustrated by your development team?

Not got the time to lead and build your tech strategy?