Our Story

Once upon a time, a group of colleagues working together in Dublin (go Ireland!) were forever dreaming up ideas for new software products. But it was the same old record on repeat: fire out the ideas, bash them around a bit, talk about the 'how' and the 'why', scribble a diagram on a piece of paper, and - inexorably - forget about it.

Then one day we ran out of paper (and beermats!). We decided enough was enough...

With a "let's give this a go" determination, we formed a small but experienced team we nicknamed the Crazy Horse Gang. Then we told a few people... it seemed to strike a chord.

Everyone, it seemed, had technology idea. Friends, friends of friends, loose acquaintances, even the guy who owns the local coffee shop. But few, if any, had the experience of turning ideas into products.

The Product Works was born

The Product Works is a collective of people with a common passion: bringing software products to life.
— Conor Wogan, Founder

Our Ethos

We believe the best products are delivered by:

  • Putting the end-user at the focal point of product development

  • Accepting that requirements cannot be fully known or defined upfront, that intentions will evolve and change

  • Talking continuously with the domain experts

  • Delivering frequently

  • Following agile development principles

  • Being nice to people - you get so much more done!

We believe partnership is the best approach to product success. That ensures that everyone involved understands the business requirements, is clear on the business strategy and are better placed to deliver software that meets the business goals.

The right tools for the right job at the right time.
— Máté Marjai, The Product Works

The Leadership Team

Based in Dublin, Ireland, The Product Works is led by professionals with over 20 years of strong experience in building leading-edge software products. The team has a proven track record in building organisations and growing products in demanding environments.

Conor Wogan, Managing Dir.

Conor Wogan, Managing Dir.

Name: Conor Wogan

AKA: Wogiebear

Role: Managing Director

  • Over 15 years leading projects and teams in the technology industry

  • Big advocate of products built for users. Empathy, empathy, empathy.

  • Believes the agile won the debate over waterfall a long time ago.

Contact Details:


Name: Máté Marjai

AKA: Mr Hungary, Keyser Söze

Role: Director of Engineering

  • Product and delivery focused engineer, building products for users, not for the sake of it

  • Believes in a technology agnostic view, always trying to find the best tools/languages/techniques available to create and enhance products.

  • Regular speaker at tech meetups (and starter of Erlang & Elixir Ireland)

Contact Details:

Máté Marjai, Dir of Engineering

Máté Marjai, Dir of Engineering

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Phone: +353 19 10 69 23 (Ireland)

email: connect@theproduct.works

Post: 15A, Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin


Company Information

Name: The Product Works

Registered Number: IE 551585

Directors: Conor Wogan, Máté Marjai