We’ve been delighted to be part of the story at buzzing social rewards start-up, Popdeem. When we met Richie and Gavin, back in 2014, it was clear to see that they had plenty on their plates with developing their truly innovative business. They were looking for somebody to steer the technical direction of their sophisticated platform and bring it from a proof-of-concept stage to a robust production-ready platform for their customers. We duly obliged!

Máté’s been attending to CTO duties ever since. He started with a fundamental review of the early Popdeem platform, which allowed him to plot a technical strategy for bringing the platform up the level of robustness needed to match the ambitions of Popdeem. And why stop there? jumped straight into delivering the tech vision, overseeing and directing Popdeem's own in-house team of new, talented developers. We were chuffed when the initial customers came on to the Popdeem platform - validation of all ’s hard work.

Working with the Product Works has been an incredible experience. Máté has led the technical direction of the company by building a robust platform, setting technical roadmap and even assisting in the recruitment of new developers. We would highly recommend the Product Works to anybody looking for a team who really cares about your product and has the ability to execute on your vision.
— Richie Whelan, Popdeem CEO & Co-Founder

We’re looking forward to reading about Popdeem's world domination in years to come and exclaiming in self-satisfaction, “Hey, we helped those guys to take off!”