LinkedFinance offer trustworthy small businesses a new viable alternative to borrowing from the banks. Real people can lend small amounts to great Irish businesses at very attractive interest rates. The Banks get bypassed, the wheels keep turning and everyone wins!

Person to Person (P2P) lending or Crowd Funding is simple. With LinkedFinance lenders can lend directly to small businesses looking for funding. Crowd Funding provides complete transparency to both the lender and borrower and it brings lending back to basics - a lender simply deposits funds and when there are enough funds available, loans can be made to creditworthy borrowers.

The Product Works are privileged to be advisors to the team at LinkedFinance on technology matters. 

We’re looking for an engineer to join the LinkedFinance team in Dublin and bring their crowdfuncing platform to the next level here in Ireland, and further afield.

Role Title

Senior Software Engineer, Dublin

Role Responsibilities

  • Maintain the smooth and stable operations of the Core Plaftorm.

  • Maintain operations of ancillary technical services around the Core Platform.

  • Manage, maintain and contribute to the Core Platform codebase.

  • Develop features on the Company roadmap

  • Design technical solutions for changes required by the Company, including selection of technologies that are appropriate to the situation.

  • Contribute technical considerations into feature planning for the Company roadmap, including outline development proposals and estimations of development effort.

  • Troubleshoot issues and incidents reported in the live Production environment.

  • Communication: work closely with senior leaders in the Company – including the CEO and COO – to understand the strategic direction of the Company and to align all technical activity to that strategy.  

  • Candidate must be able to describe and explain technical decisions to senior stakeholders, ensuring they always have a clear understanding of how technical actions relate to the goals of the Company roadmap.

  • Interact closely with operational colleagues, who deal directly with borrowers and lenders, to get a clear understanding of issues reported by users.

  • Strong verbal communication skills: daily interaction with colleagues in the office from all teams in the Company. Also vital is communication with remote staff and service providers.

  • Good written communications skills: must be comfortable with using various written medium (skype, slack, email, shared docs, etc.) to talk with colleagues and convey information.

  • Should be able to empathise with borrowers and lenders in order to better understand the user experience of the platform.

Technical Skillset

  • 5+ years working as a software developer or engineer.

  • Strong skill levels – and recent development experience – with coding in interpretative languages, such as PHP, Ruby or Python.

  • Strong skill levels with common frameworks (e.g. Rails, Codeigniter, Laravel, Django, Flask, etc.)

  • Broad skill levels across other languages and frameworks – Java, #C, Scala, Node.js, etc.

  • Web development, including the coding of user interfaces to design specs in HTML, javascript and CSS.

  • Experience of designing and explaining technical solution designs and planning docs in a fast-moving, agile environment.

  • Running and managing servers in Amazon AWS, including services such as RDS, S3, KMS, etc.

  • Developing and scaling systems in high volume, transaction-type environments.

  • Developing software projects in fintech, i.e. monetary, payments or financial environments.

  • Integrating 3rd party services of all types through APIs, e.g. Intercom, saleforce, New Relic, Sendgrid, etc.

  • Implementing tests and tools for effective continuous integration and deployment .

  • Developing in *nix environments.

Career Experience

  • Recent experience of developing products in a fast-paced and fast-growing start-up or SME.

  • Previous experience of developing in mature commercial product environments in medium to large organisations.

  • Has proven experience in team-leading small teams in software projects.

  • Ideally, 2 years experience of working in the fintech or financial services sectors.

  • Self-organised: has clear examples of turning project requirements into a plan of development tasks – including sizing commitments - and delivering those tasks.

  • Experience of agile development general behaviours, methodologies and tools, and of applying the appropriate methodologies to the current situation.


Contact Conor here at The Product Works to talk more about this role.