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SMART is a simple concept with a powerful impact, which is best measure of any software product. It is a system that compliments the amazing work of the Community Midwives team in the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street, Dublin. This innovative midwifery team work from a central office in Holles and travel to homes and clinics all over south Dublin and into Wicklow to care for expecting mums. With SMART, the midwives are gettin both a simple mobile app and web-app to replace a complex and time-heavy paper-based system for providing their service. In so doing, the Community Midwives will set an even higher standard of care for their clients: the mothers and babies in the Community Midwifery program.


SMART App wireframe design

SMART App wireframe design

The idea is the brainchild of Teresa McCreery, a midwife manager with the Community Midwives team. First presented by Teresa to Health Hack Dublin in July 2013, the project languished as an outline concept until summer 2014. In June/July 2014, The Product Works asked to to take on this project and worked continuously with Teresa to understand the complex domain and come up with a design and implementation plan.

  • By August 2014, the product design and implementation plan was complete.
  • By September 2014, the SMART backend was built, in addition to the prototype web admin interface.
  • By October 2014, the senior management team of the National Maternity Team gave the preliminary sign-off for completion of the project
  • By June 2015, Teresa signed off on a working app for Android phones. 

Latest Update

Completed SMART Web Admin

Completed SMART Web Admin

SMART is ready to go! Several months have been spent working with the NMH authorities in triple-checking information security policies around the app before final connection to the hospital systems. Next steps: trial and rollout!