The Product Works is a product forge

mysterious - What does that mean?

We take ideas and build, mould and shape them into commercial products and operating companies.

Idea or Product - What's the difference?

An idea is a sketch on a napkin, a conversations between friends, a scribble on a beermat. We all have ideas for new products, new services: "Wouldn't it be great if there was something that did this?"

A product is something real that offers a benefit or service to the person using it. A product is an idea (or set of ideas) that have been designed, worked, shaped, honed, re-shaped, restarted, polished into something tangible. It might even make money.

The Product Works builds products!


The Product Works is a team of experienced technology people who all have the same passion: bringing ideas to life. Find out more about us rriiiiight here.

How we partner up

We've 3 basic levels of engagement for you would-be entrepreneurs...

1. The Cup of Coffee

The entry level! We love talking about new ideas. We love coffee. Let's combine. Genius! We're always available to have an open (or NDA'd) chat about an idea, no matter how big or small, weird or conventional. You'll come away with a caffeine buzz and a bright, hopeful picture of what your idea could be. All for the price of a coffee!

2. The Product Plan

A step up from the coffee chat is to produce a program of work for turning your ideas into a live product. That can include proposals on developing the idea, building the team to operate it, revenue models and go-to-market approaches. It may even involve producing a prototype. It's entirely up to you how in-depth or detailed you'd like this plan to be. How much? We'd agree a fee, if any, before starting.

3. The Partnership

The big one, the full partnership. We give our full attention to making your product and your company a reality. We bring all our experience to bear to develop the business and the product into a commercial success. To make a quality product and company we have to focus on this effort full-time. That's why we are a boutique product development partnership.

Sound like you?

Have you got an idea that you're convinced is promising?

Is that idea just niggling in your brain, refusing to go away?

Are you unsure where to go with it next?

Then get in touch to find out more...